Sea Buckthorn & Spruce Sprout Bar - Arctic Superfoods

Sea Buckthorn & Spruce Sprout Bar - Arctic Superfoods

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Sea buckthorn, also known as the Arctic Orange, and the spruce sprout are two vitamin-rich and and long consumed ingredients from Finland. Arctic Superfoods combines these very Finnish goodies to form this healthy snack bar which is rich in fibre and Omega-3 and fills the belly very well.

Arctic Superfoods and their bars have been singled out by the tourist office Visit Finland in its FinRelax Top10 list.

Free of additives and dairy products. Glutenfree. No added sugar. Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Ingredients: Honey, carrot, roasted flaxseed, glutenfree oats, rapeseed oil, sea buckthorn berry (7%), spruce sprout (1%).

Weight: 30g

Nutritional Information 100g        30g       
Energy 445kcal / 1855kJ 133kcal / 557kJ
Fat 23g 7g
   of which saturated 2g 0.6g
Carbohydrates 46g 14g
   of which sugars 34g 10g
Dietary fiber 12g 3.4g
Protein 7.1g 2.1g
Salt 0.13g 0.04g
Fatty acids 3.9g 1.2g
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