Special offers

Special offers

Finnflavours offers products regularly with a discount. In this section you find our special offers all in one place.


Christmas and Winter sale

Christmas and winter are coming closer, we actually had already snow in Turku. We are looking forward to the coming weeks and are presenting here our current offers for Christmas and the winterly flu season.

The flu, stress and dry skin: you know what we're talking about. We recommend Arctic Warriors' shots made from wild Lappish herbs as well as their prized Finnish spruce sprout powder and angelica seeds against the flu, stress and other common ailments. Flow Cosmetics' shea butter with marigold and their Arctic berries body butter do wonders against dry and brittle skin. These make of course also great presents!

You can find all products at the bottom of this page.

Cleanup sale

We don't like food waste. Do you? Help us clean up our storage and make sure these products don't go to waste! Come and get them for reduced prices! The best before dates of the following products are:

Kustavi Kaffe by Mokkapuu: January 31, 2019, 4 left
Morning Espresso by Mokkapuu: January 31, 4 left
Colombia Excelso by Mokkapuu: January 31, 3 left

Cranberry Powder by Arctic Power Berries: December 15, 2018, 1 left
Forest Salsa Dip by Helsinki Wildfoods: December 22, 2018, 4 left

Dried Blueberries by Kaskein: sold out
Dried Lingonberries by Kaskein: sold out
Sea Buckthorn & Spruce Sprout Bar by Arctic Superfoods, sold out
51% Coconut Chocolate by Goodio: sold out
65% Mint Chocolate by Goodio: sold out
Nettle Pesto by Helsinki Wildfoods: sold out

You'll find all the products on sale at the bottom of this page!

We hope you enjoy these products!

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Roseroot & Nettle Elixir (Shots) - Arctic Warriors

14.90 €
Stock running short.
Delivery weight: 40 g

Angelica & Nettle Elixir (Shots) - Arctic Warriors

14.90 €
Delivery weight: 40 g

Honey Elixir (Shots) - Arctic Warriors

15.90 €
Delivery weight: 150 g

Myntti: Angelica Seeds - Arctic Warriors

11.90 €
Delivery weight: 5 g

Spruce Sprout Powder - Arctic Warriors

19.90 €
Delivery weight: 293 g

Sheabutter with Marigold - Flow Cosmetics

20.90 €
Delivery weight: 93 g

Arctic Berries Body Butter - Flow Cosmetics

35.90 €
Delivery weight: 220 g

Colombia Excelso - Mokkapuu

9.90 €
Delivery weight: 200 g

Morning Espresso - Mokkapuu

9.90 €
Delivery weight: 250 g

Kustavi Kaffe - Mokkapuu

9.90 €
Delivery weight: 250 g

Cranberry Powder - Arctic Power Berries

9.90 €
Stock running short.
Delivery weight: 90 g

Forest Salsa - Helsinki Wildfoods

8.40 €
Delivery weight: 30 g

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