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Special offers

Cleanup Sale

We currently have organic coffees by Mokkapuu on offer in our cleanup sale. The Möskämokka coffee, perfect for a relaxing getaway in a cottage (mökki), is handcrafted from Arabica beans form Papa New Guinea on the island Kustavi in the Finnish archipelago.

We also have the product birch sugar with lingonberry by Helsinki Wildfoods on offer. Helsinki Wildfoods (now known under the new brand Mettä) has redesigned their entire product selection and we still have a few old packages with the old design in store. These you can now get for a reduced price in the cleanup sale. The composition is slightly different but the ingredients are the same and it is still the same well-liked product.

Goodio's handcrafted organic raw chocolate is truly unique. We still have some of their popular mint chocolate left that really wants to be eaten. Enjoy!

Cleanup sale list

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65% Mint Chocolate - Goodio

5.90 €
Delivery weight: 48 g

Möksämokka (reduced) - Mokkapuu

11.90 €
Delivery weight: 250 g

Birch Sugar with Lingonberry (reduced) - Helsinki Wildfoods

7.90 €
Delivery weight: 70 g

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