Coffee & Tea

Coffee & Tea

Long and cold winters are a part of Finland just like endless summer nights and the midnight sun. No wonder that Finns are very fond of hot, steaming beverages. Finns are world champions in coffee drinking and the popularity of tea is also constantly rising. And of course the land of the midnight sun has its ever-growing amount of very own Finnish coffees and Finnish teas. Some of them, you can find here.

Our coffees and teas are perfect for all seasons: they make rainy autumn days brighter, warm you up in winter and make warm summer nights with friends and family special. The teas gain their Finnishness and exotic aromas from wild berries and herbs from Finland's pristine nature and many ingredients are collected in the forests by hand.

Our coffees and teas are of high quality and handcrafted in Finland. While neither coffee beans nor tea leaves grow in Finland's climate, the ingredients used in our products are all carefully selected and sourced from sustainable and responsible producers. This is how we do indulgence in Finland.

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