Selecting good, trustworthy brands is very important to us and no easy feat. That's why we are currently re-selling the products of only a small amount of Finnish brands in our shop to ensure the finest quality and the highest possible value for you, as our customer. We want you to know that when you are buying from us, it is always unique and crafted with great care and determination by the small companies we work with. This is a brief introduction to all of our wonderful partners who pour their heart and soul into the things you find on our shelves.

Tea & coffee



Two childhood friends founded this wonderful tea company from Helsinki. Their shared love for the warm brew led to the creation of Nord-T and its unique Nordic teas infused with Finnish ingredients from the pristine forests.

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Poikain Parhaat

Poikain Parhaat is a small company from Tampere that is devoted to Finland's growing love for tea. They have created a series of truly Finnish teas using ingredients such as birch leaves and wild berries.

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On the island Kustavi in Finland's beautiful archipelago, coffee is made: the local coffee roastery Mokkapuu is betting on artisan skills and organic coffee beans.

More about Mokkapuu

Kaffa Roastery

"Learning by burning" is the motto of Kaffa Roastery, the small coffee maker from Helsinki's hip district Punavuori. The company keeps trying new things to make great coffee because the learning process never stops.

More about Kaffa Roastery

Sweets & Snacks

Arctic Superfoods

Arctic Superfoods from Levi in the North of Finland uses the ingredients provided by the endless Arctic forests to make tasty and healthy snack bars. The company is turning berries, herbs, birch leaves and other ingredients into these wonderful bars.

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Goodio's raw chocolate is unique chocolate handiwork. The chocolate is raw, vegan and retains the healthy properties of the cocoa plant and is wrapped in a stylish biodegradable wrapper.

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Berries & herb products


Arctic Power Berries

When two young Finns moved to England, they decided to take their favourite berries with them. From this desire grew Arctic Power Berries, a company making wonderful organic berry powders made from berries collected in Finland's pristine forests.

More about Arctic Power Berries

Arctic Warriors

Lapland is known for its healthy herbs waiting to be used. Arctic Warriors rose to the challenge and now turns Lappish herbs from the forests and their own little family farm in Rovaniemi into innovative products. The goal: bringing Lapland's herbs to the world.

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Berries, berries and again berries: these pearls of Finnish nature belong into the kitchen since time immemorial. Kaskein from Eastern Finland are true specialists in the field and sells Finland's finest ingredients already since 1981.

More about Kaskein

Helsinki Wildfoods

The small company Helsinki Wildfoods turns wild plants into spices, baking ingredients but also into herbal baths for relaxed evenings in your bathtub or in the sauna.

More about Helsinki Wildfoods

Natural Cosmetics

Tundra Natural

Tundra Natural creates organic soaps by hand in Savonia's scenic and pristine lakelands. The soaps are all made from high-quality ingredients and are inspired by both Savonia, where the soap maker lives, and Lapland, where she has her roots.

More about Tundra Natural

Luoto Cosmetics

On the island Harvaluoto in the Finnish archipelago near Turku, Mia Peltola set up her soap workshop. There she makes organic soaps infused with Finnish ingredients by hand, using birch leaves and terva (tar) to give them unique and exotic aromas.

More about Luoto Cosmetics

Flow Cosmetics

Excellent Finnish natural cosmetics are made by Flow Cosmetics. Whether you're looking for shampoo, body scrub or body butter: everything is a hundred per cent natural, chemical free and full of Finnish ingredients.

More about Flow Cosmetics

Hetkinen Cosmetics

Hetkinen Cosmetics from Turku combines Finnish natural cosmetics like hand and lip balms with classy, traditional wooden design from Finland.

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