Selecting good, trustworthy brands is very important to us and no easy feat. That's why we are currently re-selling the products of only twelve different Finnish brands in our shop to ensure the finest quality and the highest possible value for you, as our customer. We want you to know that when you are buying from us, it is always unique and crafted with great care and determination by the small companies we work with. This is a brief introduction to all of our twelve wonderful partners who pour their heart and soul into the things you find on our shelves.


Food & Beverages


Nord-T is a small company from Helsinki founded by two enthusiastic, tea loving childhood friends. Their teas are carefully crafted out of the finest organic ingredients and are inspired by life in Finland and the Finns' closeness to nature. Their teas are infused with some of the most popular natural goodies Finland's forest have to offer: lingonberries, blackcurrant, birch leaf and sea buckthorn. If you are a tea lover and cherish quality teas without any additives, these teas are for you.

To Nord-T

Arctic Superfoods

One of Lapland's finest, Arctic Superfoods create one-of-a-kind, healthy snackbars out of the healthiest superfoods our vast Arctic forests have to offer. Berries, herbs, birch leaf and more turn into these satisfying and filling bars in the scenic town of Levi in far-away Lapland. These snacks are perfect to quickly quell your hunger and keep you going when you're on the road.

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Arctic Power Berries

Finns (and bears) are berry lovers and that is for a reason. The berries found in Finland's forests are brimming with vitamins and minerals and are known to be good for you and your health since time immemorial. Two young Finns settled in the United Kingdom and decided to bring their favourite berries with them. The result are these wonderful berry powders by Arctic Power Berries. They are perfect to spruce up your smoothie, yoghurt or give a healthy, Arctic twist to your favourite pastry. Thank you, Arctic Power Berries!

To Arctic Power Berries

Arctic Warriors

Lapland is famous for its pristine nature, the Northern lights and Santa Claus. And incredibly healthy herbs. Arctic Warriors are true pioneers in this field and from their home in Narkaus in Rovaniemi, they set out to make the herbs of Lapland available to all of us. They turn organic angelica, roseroot and nettle into unique elixir shots that boost your immune system or help fend off the flu. They also dry their seeds which can be used for the same purpose. Finland's herbs are coming, be ready!

To Arctic Warriors


Goodio and their raw chocolate is something you won't find anywhere else. Period. The cocoa plant is, by itself, one of the healthiest and most nutritious plants in the world but most of it gets lost in conventional chocolate manufacturing through processing and lots and lots of added sugar. In fact, there is not much cocoa left in your average chocolate. Goodio handcrafts sublime raw chocolate that preserves its health benefits and looks so stunningly great it's almost a crime to eat it. This is chocolate handicraft of a quality and passion that you will only find in Helsinki.

To Goodio


Helsinki Wildfoods

Nature is a big thing in Finland's capital and it should come as no surprise that entrepreneurs find their passion in it. Helsinki Wildfoods uses the healthy, nutrient rich goodies from the wild to create products that allow you to add the best things Mother Nature has to offer to your favourite dishes. Whether it's nettle in the form of powder or as a vegan pesto, blueberries mixed with healthy birch sugar (xylitol) or crushed dandelion, Helsinki Wildfoods' got you covered!

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Finland's archipelago is a beautiful place to be and a favourite of locals and tourists alike. But the islands are more than just beaches and forests. On the island Kustavi near Turku, tiny Mokkapuu is making world-class organic coffee from only the finest ingredients, all sourced from responsible suppliers, of course. Their coffee is enchanting and unique, something you won't find anywhere else. We dare you to try it!

To Mokkapuu


Ever wondered what you can do with spelt, the ancient wheat that grows ever more popular? Well, Sunspelt has the answer. This small company from Tampere uses only the best, non-GMO and organic spelt grown under the midnight sun to create a wide range of tasty and healthy products. Whether you are into spelt pasta or risotto, have a craving for spelt licorice or want to add more fiber and blueberries to your breakfast, Sunspelt has the right things for you.

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Berries, berries and berries. Finns love berries and it is pretty obvious why that is the case. Kaskein from Eastern Finland turned their passion into their profession and have become true berry specialists, their roots dating back to 1981. Kaskein's dried organic berries are a real boon to your health and they taste fantastic! If you love berries, these are for you. If you don't love berries, you will after you tried them. These berries are simply magical!

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Poikain Parhaat

Poikain Parhaat is a small company from Tampere that is devoted to Finland's growing love for tea. The companyn has created a series of truly Finnish teas in a real artisan fashion. High quality teas grown under sustainable and fair conditions meet traditional Finnish ingredients like birch leaf, berries and herbs. The teas are supplied by the German Tea Association.

To Poikain Parhaat


Natural Cosmetics

Tundra Natural

Tundra Natural is creating natural soaps in true artisan work and not just anywhere: the soap is made in the lakeland area Savonia, one of Europe's most scenic regions. The soaps are made from high quality ingredients and bring Finland's lakes and forests to your home and are inspired by the pristine nature and endless emerald forests of Savonia and Lapland.

To Tundra Natural

Flow Cosmetics

Finnish natural cosmetics par excellence is made by Flow Cosmetics. Whether you are talking about shampoo, body scrub or body butter: everything is entirely natural and chemical-free. Flow Cosmetics uses ingredients from the Finnish forests such as wild berries, herbs and tree oils to create fragrant products with a real Finnish twist that pamper both body and mind.

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