Our Products

Our Products

Quality. Craftsmanship. Simply Finnish.

Finland is: pristine nature. Long winters, endless summer nights and midnight sun. Finland is sauna, coffee, berries and herbs. And Finland is quality.

At Finnflavours we bet on the products of small Finnish companies, on true, passionate craftsmanship and on quality. We are excited by the stories and the motivation of small businesses that emphasize quality over quantity, reconnect with old traditions, rediscover ingredients or think products such as coffee anew and create their products in many different and in special places: on small islands in the Finnish archipelago, all the way up North in Lapland, in the scenic lakelands of Eastern Finland and in vibrant cities such as Turku, Helsinki and Tampere.

In our shop you will find a mix of enjoyable, high-quality food and natural cosmetic products from Finland. Sustainability and ethical aspects of production are key as is the passionate handiwork by the creators. Many of our products contain traditional Finnish ingredients such as wild berries and herbs and birch leaves. These ingredients are part of the local cuisine since time immemorial and many Finns collect them in the forest themselves year in, year out (the Everyman’s Right). It comes as no surprise that more and more small businesses discover these ingredients for their work.

And the quality of these ingredients speak for themselves: Only 5.5 million people inhabit an area just a bit smaller than Germany. Vast parts of the land are covered by pristine forests and lakes. It this environment, wild berries and herbs grow in amounts of unrivaled quality, enjoying the world's cleanest air and water while in summer the sun is never retreating behind the horizon. This is known to make them more nutritious than their relatives growing further south. Ingredients for food and cosmetics cannot be more natural and pure than this.

Our products are ideal gifts to spoil yourself or your loved ones. They represent Nordic luxury and lifestyle, Finnish craftsmanship and creativity and conscious enjoyment. We warmly welcome you to discover our little store and its products.


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