Our Story

Our Story


We warmly welcome you to Finnflavours, your address for special Finnish food and wonderful natural cosmetics! We are Elina and Tim and we have founded this little company together. It all started with a love story.

How it all started

Tim came to Turku as an exchange student in 2011 and immediately felt at home here. We met for the first time through common friends and today, over six years later and a quick stop in Tampere, we live in Turku again, a city on Finland’s scenic West coast. Here we are raising our little son, who is one of over one million Erasmus babies. We wrote a little bit about Turku, why don’t you go and have a look?

Our motivation

One of the most important things we have in common is our love for the forests. No matter the season, we like to be outside. Especially in the summer months we spend lots of time roaming the forests. Tim liked Finnish food from the get-go and became enthusiastic about wild berries in particular. Elina was more than happy to show him around the Finnish forests. To our advantage, the famous Everyman’s Right allows anybody to forage for their favourite goodies in the forests.

After enjoying wild berries, but also herbs and other ingredients, ourselves for some years we realized that more and more small companies are using these natural delicacies for innovative and tasty products. We started looking around and quickly found a bunch of nice things we really liked and enjoyed.

And so Finnflavours was born. Our online shop opened its digital doors at the end of 2017 with a small selection of high-quality food products of small Finnish enterprises. Since then, our product range has grown considerably and now also contains Finnish natural cosmetics. However, our standards for quality and our process of careful selection of our suppliers has not changed: we still bet on Finnish ingredients, if possible directly from nature, small and passionate enterprises, sustainable ingredients and transparent supply chains and sustainable and ethical production if the ingredients come from abroad (like coffee, tea).

What we care about

We test all products thoroughly before putting them into our store. Because what we like is sometimes very different, we cover a broad range of aspects and things.

Important to us are the quality of products, Finnish ingredients and Finnish work as well as good customer service and sustainability. We guarantee that all products in our store and authentically Finnish and of the highest quality.

The aspect of sustainability of ingredients is very important to us. That’s why we promote using wild berries and herbs that grow every year in such big amounts in the Finnish forests that only a small amount of it can be harvested. In any other case, ingredients should be ecologically cultivated. More about our products you find in the category “Our products.

We wholeheartedly invite you to discover special food and natural cosmetics that you won’t find anywhere else but Finland. If you have any questions, tips or recommendations, we would be happy if you contacted us. Through our newsletter we send you regular updates so you don't miss out on campaigns, on news products and new recipes on our blog.

Welcome, or tervetuloa, and all the best from Finland,

Elina & Tim



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