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  • Finnflavours delivers the Nordic lifestyle right to your doorstep. Live like the Finns and enjoy fantastic snacks made from wild berries and herbs, handmade coffee & tea and natural cosmetics with the power of Finland's forests. This and more Nordic luxury goods you can discover at Finnflavours.

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  • Discover tea, natural cosmetics and more with ingredients from Finland's pristine forests

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What our customers are saying:


"Finnflavours is my shopping experience with a good conscience. Top products, conscious enjoyment and a little piece of Finland. I love this shop! The delivery is reliable and is a testament to the individual customer service offered by Elina and Tim."

Stefanie from Olfen


"Finnish quality shop with Scandinavian charm. Quick international delivery, lovely wrapped packages with a personal little note and high-quality products.

Elina & Tim really know how to give you special moments. Finnflavours is one of my favourite online shops with a great variety of products."

René from Würzburg


Our most popular products:

Our Story

Our Story

Finnflavours is a small family company from Finland. The company sells Finnish food, natural cosmetics and delicacies.

Our Products

Finnflavours sells Finnish food and natural cosmetics of high quality, made by small companies from the land of the midnight sun.



Finnflavours is currently re-selling twelve different high-quality food and natural cosmetics brands from Finland 

Final Sale

Here you will find all our current special offers of Finnish food and specialties as well as Finnish natural cosmetics.

For Businesses

For Businesses

Finnflavours creates tailor-made gift baskets, bundles and other corporate gifts for your business partners in Finland.


Get in touch with Finnflavours for questions, tips and recommendations and help us to become a little better every day!

Cabin Fever - Nord-T

14.50 €
Delivery weight: 74 g

61% Blueberry Chocolate - Goodio

5.90 €
Delivery weight: 48 g

Birch Leaf Natural Soap - Luoto Cosmetics

13.90 €
Delivery weight: 90 g

New Birch-Peppermint Hand Balm - Hetkinen Cosmetics

32.90 €
Delivery weight: 100 g
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