Finnish Birch Bath - Helsinki Wildfoods

Finnish Birch Bath - Helsinki Wildfoods

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Finns have a special relationship with nature and everything that grows within it. One of the most popular (and to some most unusual) ingredients is the versatile birch leaf. This bath product by Helsinki Wildfoods makes use of the power of wild Finnish birch leaves that cleanse body and mind and help tired limbs unwind. It makes taking a bath even more special and relaxing or simply gives a little extra flavour when you are washing up, ideally, of course, before going to sauna!

Read more about birch leaves and try out the Finnish herbal bath if you like.

Important note: Limited supplies! Helsinki Wildfoods has unfortunately decided to discontinue the production of the Finnish herbal bath. We are very sorry that we can only sell this great product while the stock lasts. Due to the enormous interest in this product we have bought all the remaining herbal baths the company had left and added them to our shop.


Put the bag with the herbs in hot water and let it soak for 20-30 minutes. The herbal bath can be used as a foot bath, a whole body bath in the bathtub or simply for washing the body with a sponge. Rinse after washing with water, soap is not necessary. Each bag can be used 2-3 times. Let it dry over a heater or in the sauna after use.


Birch leaves

Birch leaves are collected directly from Finnish forests

Bio bag.

Origin: Finland

Content: 2 bags á 10g

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