Tea, tea and again: tea. Nord-T is all about the popular hot beverage. The small company from Helsinki, founded by two tea-loving childhood friends, creates high-quality, organic teas and gives them a Nordic twist with a broad range of really Nordic ingredients such as wild herbs and berries.

While the tea is of course not from Finland (the climate here is not very kind to tea), most of the ingredients in them are. Those include many very popular ones such as lingonberries, birch leaves and heather (and many more). What's more: all of these Nordic ingredients are grown by the best mass producer herself, Nature, from where they are handpicked.

Nord-T is all about handicraft. Not only are the ingredients handpicked from the forests but all teas are mixed by hand before they are wrapped up in the boxes the same way. By the way: the stylish tea boxes are pretty great and can be used to store other things when your tea runs out. Don't throw them away!

The tea base of all Nord-Ts are certified organic and most of the ingredients are, too. Nord-T is currently working on obtaining certificates for the remaining ones (they all come straight from the forest, though). All teas are free of additives or preservatives. What you taste when you drink them are pure flavours from tea, spices and herbs and berries. Nothing added! If you love tea and are uncompromising when it comes to quality, you are in the right place.

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