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Nature and forests are always somewhere nearby in Finland, even in the capital Helsinki. It should come as no surprise that more and more small firms have found their passion in the endless possibilities Finland's forests have to offer. Mettä Nordic (formerly Helsinki Wildfoods) is one of these pioneer companies and turns popular ingredients from the forests into a different products, from tasty spices over birch sugar products for your smoothie all the way to herbal and birch baths for a relaxed evening in a bathtub or in the sauna.

Guided by the motto "taste the taiga", Mettä Nordic brings the secret flavours of the pristine Finnish nature closer to us. Wild berries such as blueberries (bilberries), herbs like nettle and dandelion as well as the popular and exotic birch leaf are just some of the ingredients found in these products. The word taiga is reminiscent of the Finnish word for magic, taika, which is a convenient coincidence. Because Mettä Nordic wants to bring to our attention how many tasty and healthy ingredients are hidden and forgotten right in our backyards. Ingredients with which you can do truly magical things.

Read more about birch leaves and birch sugar (xylitol).

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