Goodio and their chocolate is something you won't find anywhere else. Period. The small company from Helsinki creates their signature raw chocolate from premium cocoa beens and is taking the world by storm with quality, passion and true artisan handiwork. Every piece of Goodio chocolate is handmade and is fitted by hand in a biodegradable wrapper.

The cocoa plant is, by itself, a very healthy and nutritious plant but most of it gets lost in conventional chocolate manufacturing through processing and lots and lots of added sugar. In fact, there is not much cocoa left in your average chocolate. In contrast, Goodio bets on handcraft and minimal processing of the ingredients to preserve the nutrients. All ingredients, from bean to blueberry, are organic and when possible, wild grown ones are used. The cocoa beans are sourced from organic, non-GMO farms in Peru, Ecuador and the Congo. The chocolate is sweetened with coconut palm sugar from Sri Lanka and Indonesia which has a much lower glycemic index than white sugar.

The cocoa beans are kept in a stone grinder for three days to make the cocoa mass without heating the beans (and preserve the nutrients). The chocolate made from this raw cocoa mass looks so stunning, it's almost a crime to eat it. This is chocolate handiwork that you can only find in Helsinki.

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