Arctic Superfoods

Arctic Superfoods


Arctic Superfoods is a small family business from the North of Finland which creates tasty snack bars made from the superfoods of Finland's Arctic forests. The Levi-based company turns wild berries, herbs, birch leaves and other ingredients these fantastic bars. Levi is a town in Lapland, surrounded by Lappish fells and pristine nature. The ingredients used in the bars are sourced from the company's local partners, either directly from the forests or from local farming. The flaxseed and the glutenfree oats are grown on fields in the midst of nature. In the pristine environment of Lapland's forests, the ingredients grow under the influence and unique conditions of the midnight sun. The 24 hours of sunlight is known to make berries and herbs more nutritious than their cousins growing more south and especially more nutritious than those cultivated.

Founder Jari Kurtti got the idea for Arctic Superfoods after working many yers as a chef, during which he learned to appreciate the fresh, wild and Arctic ingredients. He realized how lucky Finns are to be blessed with such pristine nature and the wonderful treasures that grow within them. His motto: true taste comes from carefully selected ingredients.

The snack bars are rich in omega fatty acids and fibre. They are perfect snacks for all kind of situations, from the coffee break and the shopping trip with the kids to the hiking adventure out in the nature.

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