Berry & Herb Products

Berry & Herb Products

Finland's nature is pristine and wild, its water and air are cleaner than anywhere else in the world and under the light of the famous midnight sun, plants grow and thriver under unique conditions. Unsurprisingly, the wild berries and herbs that grow in this environment are all-time favourites up here in the North and have a firm place in the local cuisine. Finland is a berry and herb country and creativity and enthusiasm for these ingredients are limitless.

Small Finnish firms bet increasigly on wild berries and herbs for their products because ingredients cannot be more natural than this. In this section you find powders made from berries and herbs, innovative herb shots and exotic products such as spruce sprout powder and more. These products are great ingredients for smoothies, they can be used for baking and cooking and give beverages such as tea and tasty, Nordic twist.

Discover the aromas and the magic of these wild ingredients that grow year after year in Finland's endless forests and never cease to delight the people that use them.

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