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Our Products

The sheer endless emerald forests of Finland have always provided the locals with an infinite amount of berries, herbs, mushrooms and other healthy ingredients and they have become an integral part of the local cuisine. It comes as no surprise then that Finns have a special relationship to their forests and what grows in them. To this day, they roam the forests to collect their favourite goodies to turn them into tasty snacks and dishes.

Nowadays small companies use these little gifts of nature to produce both traditional and innovative food products as well as first class natural cosmetics. All products in our shop are are made from high quality ingredients, of which plenty are coming directly from Finland’s pristine forests. Many of the products are handmade and with the exception of a single producer (residing in the UK), all are made in Finland and send to you from here. Most are gluten free and vegan and all are dairy free. The basic ingredients that do not originate from Finland are carefully selected and sourced from sustainable and responsible suppliers.

Our products are ideal gifts to spoil and pamper either yourself or your friends and relatives. They are a bit of Nordic luxury, a bit of healthy goodies and a bit of Finnish delicacies and craftsmanship.

Finnish food is of high quality, a little exotic and is for many people still an unexplored world of tasty food and indulgence. And the boom of Finnish natural cosmetics is just beginning. Come along and let berries and herbs, handmade savoury chocolate, tea and coffee from the land of the midnight sun and long winters seduce you. Taste delicacies that you cannot find elsewhere.

Current issues, recent novelties and recipes can be found in our blog.

We warmly welcome you to explore Finnflavours!

Why Finnish products?

Finland is: pristine nature. Only 5.5 million people inhabit an area just a bit smaller than Germany. Vast parts of the land are covered by untouched forests and lakes. Its environment and climate create unique growing conditions for blueberries, nettles, sea buckthorn and other goodies. Here, they grow in a scale and quality that is unrivaled, enjoying the world's cleanest air and water while in summer the sun is never retreating behind the horizon. This is known to make them more nutritious than their relatives growing further south. Fertilizers are used only on 5 per cent of the Finnish soil. Ingredients for food and cosmetics can simply not be more natural and pure than this.

Similarly, Finland offers ideal preconditions for sustainable farming without any fertilizers or pesticides.

Hence: Finland.

Please Note

Since all our products are produced by small companies and many are handmade from ingredients directly from the forest, we cannot guarantee that all products are available in our shop year-round. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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