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Our serious: Finnish Flavours

The lingonberry
The birch leaf
The blueberry
Birch sugar (xylitol)

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Spruce sprout latte
Blackcurrant fudge
Chanterelles sauce
Lingonberry porridge
Blueberry granola
Nettle pesto
Quinoa-nettle salad
Archipelago bread
Traditional Finnish Christmas porridge

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Update: Goodio, Helsinki Wildfoods & more


Hello, hello!

It’s been a few busy weeks for us and lots of things have happened, especially in our store! After careful consideration, we have added a whole bunch of new products to our selection and we are excited to see how you all like.

We are especially happy that we finally got a wider selection of Goodio’s unique raw chocolate in our store. Since last week you can buy Goodio’s chili, chai and sea salt from us as well as one particular type that we really need to highlight here: Pure Nacional.

Pure Nacional is the rarest cocoa species in the world. For over a hundred years it was a popular type of cocoa in Europa and the Americas until it was thought to be extinct by 1919. Luckily, some Pure Nacional trees were discovered a few years ago in Peru’s Marañón river canyon from were the newly cultivated plant has found its way into Goodio’s magical chocolate kitchen in Helsinki and is now ours to enjoy. Read what makes Goodio’s chocolate so unique, you can find it on the respective product pages. Go read it, it’s worth it!

In addition to Goodio, we have put more stuff by Helsinki Wildfoods on our shelves. If you want to try something else than ordinary basil pesto, we have delicious, vegan nettle pesto for you. You can whip it up in a jiffy, it’s easy! A similar treat is the delicious Forest Salsa, an aromatic mix from all kind of forest goodies: angelica, flaxseed, sea buckthorn… do we need to say more? A new spice we sell is fine nettle herb salt, an exotic mix of nettle powder with French Guérande sea salt, awarded with the Nature et Progrès eco-certificate. You might get the impression we are a tiny bit obsessed with nettle. Well, we are. We will write a blogpost about this impressive superfood in the near future, so stay tuned!


Elina & Tim

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