Recipe: Traditional Finnish Christmas porridge

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Recipe: Traditional Finnish Christmas porridge



One of our favorite Christmas dishes is definitely rice porridge. It has similar equivalents in many cultures. It resembles, for example, German Milchreis. It is a traditional Finnish Christmas dish that in our family is served typically on Christmas Eve during lunch time. Rice porridge is super easy to prepare.

Traditionally, rice porridge consists of milk and porridge rice. For a milk-free and vegan version, you can replace cow with coconut or almond milk. The coconut milk gives the porridge a nice sweet and creamy flavour. On top of the porridge, you can add some cinnamon and almond flakes.

An old Finnish tradition is to hide a whole almond in one of the porridge mugs or bowls and whoever finds it will be lucky the next year.


2dl of porridge rice
2dl of water
1l of milk or almond milk (no water) or 400ml of coconut milk (+ 4dl water)
Almond flakes


  1. Add the porridge rice in 2dl of boiling water in a pot and cook until the water is absorbed.
  2. Then add the milk, almond milk or coconut milk (+ water) and let the porridge cook on low temperature for about 50 to 60 minutes.
  3. Add some water if needed.
  4. Now add some cinnamon and almond flakes on top.
  5. Add a whole almond in one of the bowles you serve it in

We wish you all a very merry Christmas!


Elina and Tim

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