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Mokkapuu: Organic coffee from the Finnish archipelago


If you jump on a ferry, into a car or on a bike, you will find an entirely different world after only a short trip: Finland’s incredible archipelago. 20,000 islands and skerries are lining up like artwork between Turku and the autonomous Åland islands, forming a unique landscape and ecosystem. Here cows are grazing by the sea, here people are living their daily lives. And some of them make their own coffee.

Mokkapuu produces high-quality coffee on the beautiful island of Kustavi, located about 70 kilometers to the West of Turku. The team behind Mokkapuu focuses on handmade and sustainable organic products, carefully selecting the ingredients according to ethical standards before turning them into wonderful coffee.

We are currently selling you three coffee products from Mokkapuu: Kustavi Kaffe, a coffee inspired by Kustavi’s scenic nature, the unique Archipelago Coffee and the strong Morning Espresso for those who need an extra dose of caffeine after crawling out of bed. We recommend all three to the coffee fans and those who aspire to be one. They are also great gifts for relatives and friends if you fancy a unique present.

After careful deliberation, Elina, as a coffee-crazy Finn and expert for the dark brew, has chosen the Morning Espresso as our Finnflavour of the month. We hope you enjoy the coffee just as much as we do!


Elina & Tim


We now have two additional coffees by Mokkapuu on offer: Möksämokka and Colombia Excelso. Viel Spaß!

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