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Enjoy a piece of Finland


Welcome to Finnflavours, the brandnew address for delicacies from the land of the midnight sun! We are Elina and Tim, a Finnish-German couple from Turku, Finlands former capital. Although we still have a long road ahead of us, we have already filled our shop and shelves with plenty of healthy and tasty groceries from Finland for you. The amount of products will increase in the future, so keep your eyes peeled and tune in regularly to not miss out!

As a Finnish-German couple we live on the border between two cultures and we experience the cultural exchange firsthand. While big countries like Germany, France or the United Kingdom are always present up here in the North, tiny Finland is receiving much less attention in other countries. This is what we want to change and that’s why we have founded our little company: to bring the secrets of Finnish food culture and way of life closer to the rest of the world. Why keep all the good stuff to yourself?

On our website you will not only find high quality products made from Finland’s best and favourite ingredients such as berries and nettles but also handmade coffee, tea and chocolate as well as interesting information, pictures and more about Finland, its culture, its incredible nature and, of course, the legendary Finnish sauna.

We would love to have you accompany us on this journey. We promise you: it will never be boring but always tasty.

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Elina & Tim

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