Our Hometown Turku

Our Hometown Turku


Welcome to Turku, Finland's oldest city located at the scenic southwest coast of the country. This is the place we have made our home, a town that has treated us well and whose liveliness and liveability we enjoy. Maybe we will awaken your interest and have you come over sometime? Let's try!

Turku used to be Finland's de facto capital until Helsinki took the helm officially in 1812. It has remained an important city ever since and is the sixth largest city in the country today. It is Finland's gateaway to both Sweden and the autonomous Åland islands through its port, Finland's official Christmas city and hometown of the legendary runner and Olympic Gold medalist Paavo Nurmi, also known as the Flying Finn, in whose honor the annual Paavo Nurmi Games (including a marathon) are organized.

City life in Turku is shaped by the Aura River that cuts right through the city and flows into the Baltic Sea. It is a renowned recreational area littered with wonderful cafes, bars and restaurants as well as green river banks, quays, apartments and museums. You can cruise across the river with with your own boat or a rental, unwind in the grass or stroll along the riverside boulevards. It is also a popular route for biking and jogging. The riverside is a wonderful combination of old and new, of green and industrial architecture. Many of factores along the river shores have been turned into modern apartments, museums and office buildings, breathing new life into the old industrial sites.

The two major landmarks that define the city scape are the Turku Cathedral (Tuomiokirkko) and the Castle of Turku (Turun Linna), both dating back to the 13th century and important medieval landmarks of Finland's past. They are among the oldest buildings in Finland and can both be visited year round. We highly recommend you go see them should you visit the city. They are located by the Aura River and one can easily walk from one to the next in around 30 minutes or catch a bus. However, if you take the bus you miss out on all the great things on the river shores. We really recommend walking from cathedral to castle.

Turku sports beaches in Uittamo on Ruissalo island which both have a public sauna (of course) and easy access to the Finnish archipelago, which is a wonderful place. From the Aura river you can catch boats for trips around the archipelago and enjoy the stunning nature and the many possibilities to unwind. Because it is a quiet place, it is very popular among visitors as it offers the possibility of a relaxed getaway from the fast-paced city life.

You might want to check out the official website of Visit Turku and this blogpost of our good friends and former Turkunites Mihir & Jacky on their travel blog about their former hometown. And you can of course always contact us directly if you have any questions about Turku!

Come and visit this wonderful city!


Elina & Tim


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