Under the Midnight Sun

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Under the Midnight Sun


There are plenty of healthy ingredients in this world. You can put avocado from South Africa on your bread or consume goji berries sent from China. But there is a wide range of other ingredients that are not just as healthy (or even healthier) but also growing much more closer than most people think. They might seem less exotic but hey, they have other advantages: they are not produced on large farms in water scarce regions where they consume huge amounts of precious water and they don’t need to be shipped to Europe from thousands of kilometers away. In Finland, Mother Nature herself oversees the mass production of healthy ingredients brimming with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. No water problems, no pesticides. Just pure nature. Ingredients can’t be more natural than this!

If you look at the numbers of berries and mushrooms alone, they are taking your breath away: 36 edible types of berries grow in the depths of the Finnish forests; with mushrooms, the number stands at 200. The Natural Resources Institute of Finland (LUKE) estimates that in a good year, Finnish forests produce between 500 million and one billion kilograms of berries and 360 million kilograms of mushrooms. Wow!

Berries, mushrooms and lesser known super plants such as nettle or dandelion grow under unique conditions in Finland. The midnight sun, those months during which the sun does not disappear behind the horizon, is doing wonders to those forest goodies. Being exposed to 24 hours of sunlight and warm temperatures, they grow faster and more nutritious than their cousins in other parts of the world.

This immense treasure of healthy ingredients is growing all by itself, year in, year out and is available to all the ramblers, gatherers and outdoor friends, thanks to the Everyman’s Right. Only a small fraction of it is and can be harvested and that’s why picking your favourite berries or mushrooms for either yourself or for food production is ecologically sound and has no repercussions on the environment.

Why not eat those superfoods which are growing nearby and which neither harm to the environment nor consume precious resources such as water?


Elina & Tim

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