The superior sugar: xylitol

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The superior sugar: xylitol


We could post a long list of health and social problems of refined sugar but we won’t :-) This blogpost is supposed to be positive and the problems are well-known.

There are plenty of sugar replacements out there and in Finland, one of the best is particularly popular. It is called birch sugar (or xylitol) and it can be found in products like toothpaste and chewing gum. Hold on! Sugar replacement in toothpaste? Yes! Unlike refined sugar, birch sugar is good for your teeth and helps preventing caries. This positive effect on dental hygiene has been established in various clinical studies, also by the University of Turku in our hometown already in the 70ies.

Another important advantage of birch sugar is that it contains 40 per cent less calories than refined sugar while having only negligible effects on blood sugar and insulin levels. It scores only 7 on the glycaemic index (which is used to measure how much food raises blood sugar levels) while refined sugar scores 60-70! It is also a great alternative for diabetics.

Birch sugar can be used in plenty of ways. It is ideal for baking or for sprucing up your smoothies. You can buy it pure or in in mixtures. We sell two products by Helsinki Wildfoods which are mixtures of the fancy sugar alternative and powder made from healthy Finnish blueberries and lingonberries. Especially the latter is an exciting match because lingonberries are quite bitter and the combination with birch sugar creates a perfect balance between sweet and bitter. The birch sugar in our products is produced ecologically in Finland with the side stream fiber from the wood industry.

We wrote a while back about six good reasons to eat lingonberries and on Instagram we shared a tasty recipe for a smoothie with lingonberry powder, birch sugar and avocado.

What’s your experience with birch sugar? Or would you want to try it? Write us a comment, an email or on social media! We will share your experience with our readers!

By the way: we have reduced our birch sugar products by 15%!


Elina & Tim

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