Recipe: Lingonberry porridge

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Recipe: Lingonberry porridge


One of Elina’s favorite childhood recipes is a semolina porridge made by her mother and we want to share this simple recipe with you today. We have twisted it a little bit to get rid off the white sugar.

Porridge in many forms has been an essential part of the Finnish diet for centuries. And why not: they are not only filling and give you lots of energy but also healthy. Dark semolina, for instance, contains lots of fiber.

Porridge can be eaten either hot or cold and both taste equally good. To spruce up the porridge, berries are often added. As some berries can be pretty sour, it’s a good idea to balance it with some sweetener. White sugar is of course one option (my mother used it when Elina was a child) but if you want to turn it into a healthier version, Finnish birch sugar is a great option. For this recipe, we used some birch sugar with lingonberries from Helsinki Wildfoods.

Recipe for  4-5 persons


2dl frozen, fresh or freeze-dried lingonberries
2,5dl (organic) dark semolina
1,5l of water
1dl of birch sugar or some other sweetener (e.g. coconut palm sugar)


  1. Place the lingonberries in a pot and defrost them on low heat. Skip this step if you use fresh or dried berries
  2. Add water and make it boil, add the fresh or dried lingonberries
  3. Add the semola by pouring it slowly into the pot. Stir while adding
  4. Cook the mixture around 10 minutes and stir every now and then to make sure that the porridge stays smooth
  5. When ready, whip it with a hand mixer to make the porridge fluffy
  6. Check the taste and add the sweetener of your choice if needed and let it cool down

Enjoy with cold milk, cream or a vegan alternative

Also try with any other berries such as raspberries or strawberries.



Elina & Tim

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