Nettles: the not-so-nasty weed

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Nettles: the not-so-nasty weed


Those of you who know us are well aware just how much we love stinging nettle. And before those of you who are just getting to know our website think: “Wait, what? Nettle? That nasty, stinging weed?” we say: please have a seat and read on. You’ll be very surprised what you can do with this incredible plant.

Nettles are still a rather unusual and exotic herb to many. Most people associate them with pain and don’t like the fact that they are growing everywhere. However, nettles are a healthy plant full of nutrients and minerals and can be used in a variety of ways. That’s why we are trying really hard to make people look at them with new eyes and ignore their bad reputation.

From simply adding dried nettle as a spice to salads or omelettes to either self-made or ready-to-use pesto to tea, the ways to use nettles are manifold. Probably our favourite way to use it is as an additional spice in salad. We simply sprinkle the dried nettle on top of our salads and dig in. However, we also love turning it into pesto (nettle pesto is our second favourite ingredient to use in pesto after coriander).

Nettles contain little carbohydrates and protein but they are full of vitamins and minerals. 100 grams of nettle contain 33% of the daily requirement of iron, 71% of calcium as well as 333% of vitamin C. That is pretty good for a plant that grows right in front our noses in abundance.

We recommend picking nettles yourself (with gloves, of course) and drying them at home. A good way to do it is to string a bunch of them together, hang them somewhere where they don’t disturb you and let them dry by themselves over a few days. Then you grind them to powder and keep them in a glass jar with a lid.

This sounds already much better than “nasty weed”, right? Enjoy!


Elina & Tim

Important note: pregnant women should not consume nettle tea as it can negatively affect pregnancy.

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