Mokkapuu’s 7 tips for good coffee

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Mokkapuu’s 7 tips for good coffee


It’s no news that Finland is, among many things, a country of coffee lovers. The infatuation with the dark brew has led to the birth of many small coffee roasteries and cafés in recent years and the trend is showing no signs of leveling out. In celebration of Finland’s addiction to coffee, we are very happy to share seven tips from Tanja from the wonderful coffee roaster Mokkapuu on how to brew a great cup of coffee.

  1. The tools: make sure that the you use only clean tools and remove all greasy stains in your coffee maker. Always use a separate cup for measurements, never use the coffee can.
  2. Water quality: the quality of the water you use is crucial. Spring water is better than tap water because the latter often is not perfectly pure.
  3. Paper filters: when making filter coffee, use white filters. It is also a good idea to wet the filter a bit before use to get rid of possible side off-tastes.
  4. Storing the coffee: if you don’t drink coffee often, store the beans in a freezer or in a cool and dry place in its own package.
  5. For beginners: if you are new to coffee drinking, Tanja recommends medium roast coffees. Generally, dark coffees are better for your stomach and less acidic.
  6. The amount: A good measure is 7.5g of coffee per cup.
  7. How to enjoy coffee: enjoy your cup of coffee in good company or out in the nature

Now it’s up to you to brew the perfect cup of coffee. Good luck!


Elina & Tim

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