How we unwind

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How we unwind


As we are leading a very busy life with a little toddler and our company, it became even more relevant for us to take care of ourselves. Especially since our son was born, the nights haven’t been the same. So these days we really appreciate a good night’s sleep and thanks to our son’s grandparents, we can do that every now and then. After such a night you truly appreciate what a blessing it is to sleep without interruptions. Here is a short list of the things we do to keep ourselves healthy and fit.

1. When it comes to diet, we naturally try to lead a healthy lifestyle. We do eat sweets and other good stuff every once in a while but we keep it limited. We believe that indulgences make life much more interesting and not having too many restrictions is essential. Luckily, these days you don’t have to stuff yourself with excessive white sugar to indulge yourself. White sugar is actually what we both are trying to avoid. We also eat lots of vegetarian meals and have reduced our consumption of red meat dramatically over the last years. However, we eat a lot of fish. Like Finns.

2. Nature plays a big part in our wellbeing. Being in a forest away from the crowds and traffic is one of the most relaxing things we know and research suggests that spending lots of time out in the nature is having a dramatic effect on your overall health. We are blessed living in Finland where you don’t have to travel very far to be able to find space for yourself. Even in our bustling capital Helsinki you are never far from the nature, a fact that the city is famous for. In our hometown Turku one of our favourite places in the island Ruissalo with lots of forest, a little beach and (of course) a public sauna.

3. Elina would describe herself as a person who exercises irregularly while Tim is more strict about his routines. Elina enjoys doing yoga while Tim is an avid runner and swimmer. We don’t own a car and that’s why  we walk and cycle almost everywhere while making use of public transportation if need be. One of the great advantage of not having a car (and living in the fourth floor without a lift) is that it keeps you fit and adds regular exercise to your daily life.

4. Enough rest is key. Although we don’t always succeed, we try to make sure we have enough time to rest and unwind. Sometimes that means having our son spend the night with his grandparents. But the opposite is also true: one of the best ways to do empty your head and let go of work and other stressful things is to play with your kids every day, to see them laugh, run around and fall asleep next to them.

5. Then there’s of course the thing Finland is the most famous for: the sauna. We hit the sauna at least once a week. Studies show the beneficial effect on health and wellbeing and it is the key to a happy and healthy life in Finland. One of the best things to do while using a sauna is to combine it with a relaxing dip in a nearby lake or the sea, no matter the season. Actually, ice hole swimming is one of Tim’s most favourite things to do in winter and he recommends more eagerly to everyone than most Finns. You should try it, too!


Elina and Tim

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